[HD70 Attractive boy body]
Mocha Brown&Mercury Gray

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Body painting

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Price may vary depending on the exchange rate in the future re-release. 

{Humming Dolly 70boy Attractive body}
Design by SWITCH
Sculpted by YG - S




Skin  Mocha Brown / Mercury Gray

Included  HD 70boy Attractive body + Authentication certification + Product manual + Default Box + Cotton blanket  

Order/Payment Period  2024.6.12. 11:00 - 2024.6.26. 11:00 (KST)

The production/delivery period
No painted product : 2024.9.24. (60 business days)
Painted Product : 2024.10.24. (80 business days)

* Please note that the delivery date may be delayed if you place an order with a pre-order product with a different delivery schedule.
· Shipment may on transit before given estimated delivery date.
  If you are unable to receive shipment due to long-term absence or moving, please leave inquiries via 1:1 Care Center.


HD 70boy Attractive body Size   

Tall(Including head) - 70cm 

Circumference of neck - 11.2cm

Width of shoulders - 18.5cm

Circumference of chest - 32cm

Length of arm(Including hand) - 26.5cm

Circumference of waist - 21cm

Circumference of hips - 28.3cm

Circumference of thigh - 17.2cm

Length of leg(Including foot) - 37cm 

Length of foot - 8.7cm 

※ Size may differ depending on how you measure it.


Warning for Body painting

· Body painting is done by hand and therefore there will be slight differences between each product.

· We use utmost care when packing, but light scratches or dents may happen while shipping.


Warning regarding the Milktea Rose Skin

1. Following conditions may appear due to the characteristics of the special skin:


A) Spots / Marbling : These markings may show when resin colors are combined and it is not considered as damage or faulty.

B) Micro dusts / Micro air pocket : In case of special skin, micro dusts are not considered as damage of faulty.

C) Gate / Parting line : Gate removal trace or wide parting lines are not considered as damage and not

    subjected for A/S due to the characteristics of special skin.

D) Micro scratches / Scratches : Minor scratches, scratches and markings occurred during shipping are not considered as damage or faulty.

E) Color difference occurred while moving parts: Due to the characteristics of special skin, the parts around joints may get discolor due to scratches and these are not considered as damage or faulty.

F) The color differences between the head and body or different parts are not considered as damage or faulty.

We ask for your understandings.

* However, when the case A/B/C are apparent on the front face of the doll, it may be exchanged or get A/S.

2. In the case of tanning there are some unavoidable flaws when manufacturing.

   The standard criteria and manufacturing process are different from previously made normal and white skins and we ask for your understanding.

3. When storing the special skin items, please be careful of the following conditions:

A) Please avoid the high temperature and high humidity.

    When the inside temperature is high in summer please use appropriate air conditioning and store in a cool place.

B) We are using the UV protect material but please try not to expose to the direct sunlight.

C) Our company's newly developed tanning skin is engineered to get lightened instead of turning green like existing skins.

However, discoloration may occur in different forms depending on the condition of storing, exposure and other factors and we ask for your understandings.

(ex) Exposure to paint thinner, exposure to outside sunlight for long period in locations like California, contact with unapproved chemicals.

D) Due to the characteristics of the special skin, you can not correct the scratches with sand paper. When small dents or scratches are occurred, please maintain it with cleansing and removing the fragments.



·  Since it is a limited release sale, if you do not make payment after ordering, you will be penalized. Please consider others who wants to order.

·  It is order-made item and can not be canceled or refunded if you change your mind. Also if you do not make payment after ordering, you will be penalized. Please consider this matter when placing order.

· Depending on the system, items may be updated with +/- of 5 seconds differences.

· We do not take layaway. If you only make partial payment, your order will be automatically canceled and the payment will be refunded.

·  SWITCH tries its best to come up with equal colored items. However, due to the nature of material and depending on the period, there may be minor color differences in urethane skin tones.

· We do not answer to the questions on whether our body itself or color is compatible to other company's products. Due to the characteristic of urethane products, skin tone may differ depending on the manufactured period, condition and company and also it is hard to tell whether certain parts will be compatible to others. We ask for your understanding in advance.

· Your order may be delayed due to natural disaster or dramatic changes in weather, we ask for your understanding beforehand.

· Following cases are not considered as defective as it is inevitable flaws originated from our manufacturing process. 

(Return postage for defective product will be paid by us.)

These products are not eligible for exchange or control service:


- Flaws caused as characteristic of ball jointed dolls (step difference or asymmetric structure) 

- Minor air pockets and scratches, spots and urethane stains. 

- Parting line and gate hole stains caused when finishing up. 

- Minor color differences between body parts.

- Color differences between optional parts and main parts from different orders. 

- Impressions of sanding caused while removing the gates. 

- Additional impressions of aesthetics caused while removing the residues. 

- Showing of fine dusts or bubbles.

Our company follow a strict guideline for finishing up the product and also has very high quality standards.

If you have any other questions, please inquire through the 1:1 care center available on our website.

· Since it is a limited release sale, if you do not make payment after ordering, you will be penalized. Please consider others who wants to order.

· We do not accept requests or questions regarding the promotional makeup in the photo.

· Changes in option after the submission of order is not available.

Method of payment or options may not be changed after you submit the order.

If you would like to change the option or method of payment, you will have to submit a new order.

· It takes additional 3-5 days for shipping preparation if there is any changes in shipping address, combined shipping, or special request.

· For items those ship right away, changes in the shipping address will not be available so please understand this before you order.



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