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{ Anemone }

Wig + Wig case


M size (8.5 inch) : SEOLROK holy Ver. / WASEON / HUISA, Direction / YIDO / CHOYO / HWAHUI:Hiver ect / SANHONG / YIWON

M size : Fits tight to TAERIN / RYUZO / RUAN / LILI / YUNSEOL ect
B size (8.8 inch) : SHIHO / RUSI ect

L size (9 inch)

Midnight Black / Rosso Scarlet / Candlelight Green / 
Venetian Red / Salty White / Plum Pink

Payment Period  Payment must be completed in 3 days after the order.
The estimated delivery date   It will start on transit within 2-3  business days after your payment been confirmed.

* Please note that the delivery date may be delayed if you place an order with a pre-order product with a different delivery schedule.

[ Item information ] 

[Midnight Black]
HEAD       YUNSEOL by Lily by Rose
SKIN         Rosy White
BODY       HD64 girl(Neck circumference 9.4)
EYES       by Hyun glass

CARDIGAN  Breeze(Red)

RIBBON     SACC001R(Beige)

SHIRT       Dress Shirt(White)
SKIRT       Basic Skirt
SOCKS     Personal collection
SHOES     Butterfly(Black)

[Salty White]
HEAD      CHACHA_make up by Micazuki
SKIN       Rosy White
BODY     HD64 girl(Neck circumference 9.4)
EYES      by Ankh glass

[Venetian Red]
SKIN       Rosy White
BODY      HD64 girl(Neck circumference 9.4)
EYES      Personal item
SHIRT      To be released
RIBBON     To be released
SKIRT     Basic skirt

[Rosso Scarlet]
HEAD      YUNSEOL by Lily by Rose
SKIN       Rosy White
BODY      HD64 girl(Neck circumference 9.4)
EYES      Personal item
SHIRT      Dress shirt(Black)
RIBBON     To be released
SKIRT     by Maison de H

[Plum Pink]

SKIN        Rosy White
BODY       HD64 girl
EYES       by Hyun glass

DRESS     by Fleurs De L'interdit

From the image below, you can see the difference in the curly bangs of each wig.

Notes for wig products

· Anemone is a product with long bangs. Cover the front of the wig with the top of the eye.

· Because of its design, this product has less hair than Lupinus.
The wig cap may look see-through, so please refer to it when you purchase it.
· Due to the design of the wig, a space can float between the bangs and the sides like in the picture.
· Depending on the extent of the wig cap stretching when wearing the wig, the gap between the upper and lower yarn strings may widen when worn, resulting in layers on the side hair.

· When placing your order, please choose the wig color in the option window.
We cannot change the options after the order, so please make sure that you have selected the correct wig color before placing the final order.
· In case of wig products, the wig cap may show depending on the style of the wig, and minor differences may appear in the wig size and cutting condition due to the nature of our handmade wigs. We cannot accommodate a refund or exchange of the wig products due to such condition(s).
· Each wig may appear different depending on the way you style it.
· As a common feature of high temperature string, some hairs in the wig may become tangled. Gently hold the wig net and shake it several times or use your fingers to softly untangle it from the crown of the head for reviving the desired style.
· The specifications such as tag, case etc. included in the wig may be different depending on the conditions of the production. 


* This item is shipped within 60 business days from the date order is received.

However, it may be delayed 5-10 business days depending on our manufacturing facility condition or other matters.

SWITCH tries to bring you the item as quick as possible and we ask for your understandings.

* When placing in the order, please choose the wig color in the option window.

We can not change the options after the order, So please make sure that you have selected correct wig color before placing in the order.

* Color shown on your monitor may be slightly different from the real product depending on your monitor settings.

* High-temperature fiber is thinner than regular fiber and it may get loose or bunch up.

It has been purposefully set that way and you can easily revive the style by loosening it with hand.

* Product update time may vary +/-5 seconds depending on the system.

When overwhelming amount of orders are being placed in at same time, there may be systematic error in the site.

If an order goes through due to the system error, such order will be cancelled without notice. We ask for your understandings.

* Payment must be completed in payment period.

Outstanding orders are automatically canceled.



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